My thoughts on "Tony: Montezuma's Gold"
I thought Shadow over Hawksmill was the sequel for Legend of Atlantis, they even share the same player sprite, but I was told they have nothing to do with eachother and Rocky and Co is the sequel. Huh
"Nothing to do with eachother". Story-wise perhaps, but technically definitely brothers.
I played some of Atlantis last night and I enjoyed it. It's a nice puzzle which could really use a save feature Smile
I never bought it though. I must have downloaded a crack at some point and never bothered to pay for it. I might still, because it's a good game.
Legend of Atlantis is $4,99 now, but I think (not sure though) it was only 2,99 or 3,99 when released. At any rate, it is a much better game as Monochrome Tony at half the price. Why is it that the C64 community is unwilling to take the price in to account in their ratings, something what is normal in all other ratings? All products and services are always compared to their price. Something what is a great buy at $25 might be terrible value for money for $50. In the Lemon comments it is even argued the game needs to be monochrome because of performance issues, which is obviously not true. The game keeps getting upvotes, too, a perfect 10? Then what are they gonna vote when the color version is released?
Obviously, colour Tony will have to be rated as 11!

According to the Knight Rider, the quality of the physical box and cartridge also leaves to be desired:
That's a shame, especially at the prices their asking for the product.
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I guess I'm not alone with the opinion of how Tony appears in the game:

Comment of Phobos, onĀ

Quote:The kingdom of Montezuma is the classic labyrinth with skulls, mortal animals and tips soaked in poison at every corner, but he, Tony looks like a brat dressed as a baby's onesie, too much as an infant; the Indy hat distinguishes him and makes us think of the famous archaeologist.

I can't read Italian but if I do understand the ratings they are MUCH more critical, the game averages a five???

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