Who's still collecting physical media?
I frequently read through the posts on Reddit in the VHS, DVD and Laserdisc threads and as the years have been passing, I've noticed that there seems to be an ever growing number of people making the comment similar to, "I'm beginning to collect (whatever media format) because streaming services is becoming so expensive..."

I was never all that impressed with streaming services, so I've always collected the movies I liked, whether they be on VHS, LD, DVD, or even digitally recorded and stored on my own HDDs.  For the brief time we did subscribe to Netflix, anything that we were interested in was recorded as MP4s (I've got terabytes of content on multiple HDDs now).  I simply did not trust the service to keep the content accessible into the future.

So, I was just wondering how many of our members here still collect and watch physical media, or who has ditched the physical for digital streaming only.  If you do subscribe to streaming services, are you noticing the cost of your entertainment creeping up, as others have been reporting on Reddit?

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