Hello there!
Hi all,

Retro computer guy here! Although my platform is the TI-99/4a. Smile

My brother had a couple friends with C64's so we definitely did gaming on them in the 80's. It was basically THE game machine, until the NES came out and resurrected the console market.

My favorite C64 game was "Wizard", the Jumpman clone but with magic spells and stuff. Great fun! Of course I sucked at it... Big Grin

Looking forward to seeing the forums thrive!
Greetings and welcome to the forum! Glad to have you aboard. We're hoping we can remain a friendly place to freely share opinions and experiences and just enjoy our 8-bit machines.

I never played Wizard until finding it on the Web, sometime in the 2000s. But it is a fun game, for sure. Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself.
Good to have you with us Adam !
adamantyr >>> Welcome
Nice with some members
(11-03-2022, 03:26 PM)Gory-Glory Wrote: adamantyr >>> Welcome
Nice with some members

Welcome to the forum

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