Article Is temperature a big deal in a Plus/4?
�I stumbled across this article recently, in regards to the TED chips and their apparent failures due to overheating.� The results of this person's testing were very interesting.� And the comments he received from Bil Herd on the subject were even more interesting.

Link to the article.

From the article, one of Bil's comments:

Quote:... Then there is the effect of heat on chips, put bluntly if heat was a problem the chips would have died their first year. The chips that are left after 35 years are proof that heat isn't an issue. Yes I am aware that people take off the RF shield (which invalidates FCC, we had no choice) and put a heatsink in, but in still air (or no convective chimney) I would submit they might actually run hotter, I have plans to test this BTW.

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