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  Re-opened: Blingboard64 - New keyboard for the Commodore 64
Posted by: Marcio D. - 06-17-2024, 05:07 AM - Forum: C64 and C128 General Discussion - Replies (1)

Someone had posted about this campaign in the Hardware section back in April, when the initial campaign had just launched.  I'm posting here in General, in case some of you haven't been visiting the Hardware section.

If you're in the market to replace your old, broken C64 keyboard, check out the campaign:


The campaign originally ended May 31, 2024, but has been re-opened for a limited time due to overwhelming demand from Commodore fans worldwide.

In addition to the Blingboard64 keyboard replacement, also check out the BlingBox on the same page, which is a standalone keyboard that can be attached to SX-64, C128D, Amiga, PC, MiSTer, BMC64, etc.

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  My thoughts on "Tony: Montezuma's Gold"
Posted by: sysop - 06-12-2024, 08:53 PM - Forum: Game Reviews - No Replies

I just finished playing the demo release of the new platform game, Tony: Montezuma's Gold and I thought I'd share my thoughts on my experience.  You can download the demo from the publisher's website: https://monochrome-productions.itch.io/tony

So, this game is a platformer in which you collect treasure scattered about the ancient castle of Montezuma.  You rack up points by collecting jewels and potions.  You can use the potions to kill on-screen baddies, but only one potion per baddie.  Touch a baddie without a potion in your inventory and you lose a life.  Collect keys to be used to unlock doors and collect masks to complete the level.  Move left, right, up and down and you can jump over obstacles and baddies.

You can only carry four inventory items a time, so you'll have to use some strategy to collect and use the potions and keys most effectively.

First thing you'll notice is that the game is all monochrome.  You can choose the monochrome colour to use, at the beginning of the game, but that color applies to everything in the game.  I like the use of the hi-res graphics, as it makes the graphics nice and "crisp", but the monochrome colour kills it for me.  In my opinion, it brings nothing positive to the experience.  To be honest, I found the game to be very strenuous to watch for a long period of time.  It wasn't easy for me to differentiate the background from the enemies and the objects you collect in this game.  The C64 has a robust 16 colour pallet to chose from, why the developer decided to force this Specky-perspective on us, I'll never understand.

The other thing that wore on me early on in my game-play was the music.  First of all, it really has no resemblance to the surroundings in the game.  Secondly, I found it to be quite obnoxious; so much so that I had to shut the sound off, as it was distracting me far too much from the game.  Unfortunately, there's also no other sound effects in the game, only the overbearing background music.  But, unless you can turn off the sound, it sound effects wouldn't have mattered anyway.

The controls are smooth and responsive enough, which is good because you do need to use precision to get through some of the obstacles.  However, your jumps are fixed, that is: you can't control them.  Once you jump you better make sure you're facing the right direction and are at the proper distance to where you want to land.  There's no such thing as a short jump or a long jump, or changing direction mid-jump.

Overall, I'd say that Tony is an okay platformer game, but nothing that really "blew me away".  I certainly don't see it worth the $10 admittance fee for the full version of the game.  But, I do appreciate someone confident enough in their game to offer a free demo download for people to try first.  That's something to celebrate.

One last thing: I'm confused as to what Tony actually is, a man or a boy or a baby?  I've seen the "cover art" of an Indiana Jones type, and the in-game splash screen that looked more like Sam, from Sam's Journey.  But then, in the game, Tony looks more like a baby (see my fourth screenshot in particular).  What is he?   Confused


For an entertaining spelunking adventure platform game in this style, I highly recommend Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe.  Not only does it also use beautiful hi-res graphics, but they're in COLOUR!!  The music is much better than in Tony and, although getting up and down on ladders is a bit fiddly, the jumping is also much better when compared to Tony.

I did a more detailed review of it on my blog, here: https://www.my64.in.nf/doku.php?id=reviews:sydney_hunter


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  Future Fighter for unexpanded VIC-20
Posted by: sysop - 06-02-2024, 03:29 PM - Forum: Vic-20 and TED Software - No Replies

Here's a new release for the un-expanded VIC-20, by Misfit:  FutureFighter

Download for free or name your own price.

[Image: UKghkv.png]

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  Duel Monitors on C128
Posted by: 8bitflynn - 05-29-2024, 06:08 PM - Forum: C64 and C128 Software - Replies (1)

I happened across this video of a C128 running Eye of the Beholder displaying different video to duel monitors which I thought was really clever so I thought I would share the link.


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Thumbs Up ZOOM MEETING: Commodore Engineer DAVE HAYNIE - Thursday, May 30, 2024 - 7:30PM ET !
Posted by: Marcio D. - 05-24-2024, 10:02 PM - Forum: C64 and C128 General Discussion - No Replies

Come hang out with TPUG as they host an informative chat with Dave Haynie, the legendary Commodore chief engineer who began with the company in 1983 and stayed until the very end in 1994. He began his time at Commodore under Bil Herd, but soon carved a legacy of his own at our favourite computer company.

Mark your calendars:

Date / time:  Thursday, May 30, 2024 at 7:30PM ET (Toronto).

Zoom details:  https://www.tpug.ca

If you've already got other commitments, please watch the video recording later on YouTube by subscribing to TPUG's channel to be notified:  https://www.youtube.com/@TorontoPETUsersGroup

Thanks for attending !

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  Hello #RetroComputing Friends, Peeps, Tweeps, et al.
Posted by: LivingLaVidaRetro - 05-24-2024, 05:30 PM - Forum: Member Introductions - Replies (1)


I'm nowhere new to retrocomputing, but am finally getting more involved into the online community.  I'm into all things retro (or sadly, they're being called vintage) like Commodores, Ataris, Apples, Sinclairs, etc., you know, the usual stuff.

I pretty much work within emulators right now as I only have an Ultimate 64 and a 128 working, but not much room to have everything setup.  So I keep my U64 out and available to raise my spirits, do a lot on emulation, and will work with hardware as time/space allows.

You can also find me on Mastodon if you'd like.  I have a newly created Codeberg which I'm hoping to start w/Pages and Wikis to share information (maybe some code Tongue ) and am also looking into setting up a video collection on a PeerTube instance (still searching for a decent one for retrocomputing).

Looking forward to sharing with everyone!


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  Google User??
Posted by: LivingLaVidaRetro - 05-24-2024, 12:05 AM - Forum: About The Forum - Replies (1)


I noticed on the bottom of the front page where it lists the current users online, it showed "Google", but not linked?

(Can't attach an image directly, have to link to it: Image)

Why does it list Google?



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Star SPEED TEST: Simons' BASIC vs. C128 BASIC vs. Vision BASIC
Posted by: Marcio D. - 05-17-2024, 10:39 PM - Forum: C64 and C128 Programming - No Replies

Retro Old Guy has released a new video comparing Simons' BASIC with C128 BASIC and Vision BASIC:


There's a mismatch clearance sale over at the Vision BASIC website, where they're practically giving away a few copies of the product:


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  Broken Mirror Point n' Click free release
Posted by: sysop - 05-14-2024, 03:24 PM - Forum: New Releases - No Replies

I started playing a new point n' click game, "Broken Mirror" published by Qudgar Games.  This is a free release, specifically for NTSC C64s and 128s and released in a d64 disk image.  I'm enjoying it so far and look forward to completing it as time allows.  The game interface is easy to understand and use and the story/puzzles are pretty straight forward.

Download from here: https://www.qudgar.se/games_brokenmirror.html

[Image: bm01.png]

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  Snathcher with Vampiers
Posted by: omegamax - 05-07-2024, 05:11 PM - Forum: C64Forum Community Showcase - Replies (2)

Mike and I are doing a original game,novel adventure.

[Image: test.png]

A Choose Your Own Destiny Visual Novel Game

Machine: Sega Genesis/Megadrive

Features: Music, Sound, Animation

16-bit Enhancements Planned: 16-bit Music, Sound Effects, Animation

As Tyrone, the Vampire hunter - you wake in Central Park in Neo New York city with a headache. You don’t know how you got there and your memory before the incident is foggy. All you can remember is a place called The Jaded Dragon Night Club and your occupation - a Vampire Slayer.

The year is 2093. Vampires have intergraded into human society and use night clubs as their feeding grounds. 

While the Vampire’s origins are still debatable, it all began in 2052. The need for trained vampire hunters became a reality, shortly after the existence of these creatures was proven to be legitimate. Some experts of the day argued that vampirism was an illness that rode on the back of a giant celestial rock (an asteroid) that  impacted the Earth back in 2038. Others argued that vampires always co-existed alongside mankind, but no evidence was ever found to prove this theory. In fact, the existence of vampires happened by late 2050, when a small Texas town was besieged by a large group of these cannibalistic monsters.

Vampire hunting pumps through your veins; its become a family tradition of sorts, as many of your ancestors were self-accomplished vamp hunters. Now the torch (or rather the stake) has been handed down to you. As a hunter, you must register in your hometown (in this case, Neo New York) and receive a valid hunting license. There are specific rules to hunting the NightStalkers (as they are generally called; saying Vampire feels so 20th Century). Though they are many, there is ONE rule that MUST be followed - always be sure the person you are hunting is a NightStalker. Otherwise, it becomes murder.

Are you ready to take on the phenomenon and learn who assaulted you? The decision is yours…

Our brother can show some cool art he did in here

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