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Posted by: omegamax - 11 hours ago - Forum: C64Forum Community Showcase - Replies (1)

Jaguar Port

[Image: Screenshot-1.png]

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  New Horror Movie???
Posted by: omegamax - 11 hours ago - Forum: Open Discussion - Replies (2)

Please let this Not happen!

[Image: 429658457-18413249173035317-276966662853532835-n.jpg]

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  I cant seem to get this program to work properly
Posted by: the777 - Yesterday, 04:24 PM - Forum: C64 and C128 Programming - Replies (1)

it does not display the sprite, even though i have checked the pokes at lines 1000-3000


.d64   ef.d64 (Size: 170.75 KB / Downloads: 1)

1 rem ***************************
2 rem * sprite editor program  *
3 rem ***************************
4 poke53280,1:poke53281,1:?chr$(144):?chr$(147);:
5 forf=0to4:?chr$(17):nextf:?chr$(18);"sprite editor";chr$(146)
6 ?chr$(17);chr$(17);"helps you create sprites for"
8 ?chr$(17);"the commodore 64 computer. "
9 forf=0to2:?chr$(17):nextf:?"(use standard cursor moves.)"
10 fori=1to3000:next
16 ?chr$(147);:fori=1to21:forj=1to24
18 ?".";:next j:?:next i
20 ?chr$(19);chr$(17):forf=0to24:?chr$(29);:nextf:?chr$(18);"commands: ";
21 ?chr$(146);chr$(17):forf=0to24:?chr$(29);:nextf:?"press... "
22 ?chr$(146);chr$(17):forf=0to24:?chr$(29);:nextf
23 ?chr$(18);"f1";chr$(146);" to plot"
24 ?chr$(146);chr$(17):forf=0to24:?chr$(29);:nextf
25 ?chr$(18);"f3";chr$(146);" no plot"
26 ?chr$(146);chr$(17):forf=0to24:?chr$(29);:nextf
27 ?chr$(18);"f5";chr$(146);" erase"
28 ?chr$(146);chr$(17):forf=0to24:?chr$(29);:nextf
29 ?chr$(18);"f7";chr$(146);" display"
30 fori=0to62:read a:poke 832+i,a:next:
32 poke 895,0
34 poke2040,13
40 poke53269,1
45 poke53287,0
48 x=24:y=50
50 poke 53248,x
60 poke 53249,y
70 data 255,0,0,129,0,0
71 data 129,0,0,153,0,0
72 data 153,0,0,129,0,0
73 data 129,0,0,255,0,0
74 data 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
75 data 0,0,0
100 rem ****************************
101 rem * move cursor routine      *
102 rem ****************************
105 goto 200
110 px=0:py=0
120 poke53248,x
125 poke53249,y
130 return
200 get x$:if x$=""then 200
210 if x$=chr$(29) then x=x+8:px=px+1 :if px>23 then px=23:x=x-8
215 if x$=chr$(157)then x=x-8:px=px-1:if px<0then px=0:x=x+8
220 if x$=chr$(17)theny=y+8:py=py+1:ifpy>20thenpy=20:y=y-8
225 if x$=chr$(145)theny=y-8:py=py-1:if py<0 then py=0:y=y+8
230 if x$=chr$(133) then plot=1
240 if x$=chr$(134) then plot=0
250 if x$=chr$(135) then plot=-1
255 if x$=chr$(136)thengoto 1000
260 if plot=1 then gosub 400: goto 300
270 if plot=-1 then gosub 500:goto 300
300 gosub 120:goto200:return
400 p$=chr$(209):gosub 600:return
500 p$=".":gosub 600:return
600 if px<0 then px=0
601 if px>23 then px=23
602 if py<0 then py=0
603 if py>20 then py=20
605 poke781,py:poke782,px:poke783,0
610 sys65520:?p$: return
1000 rem******************************
1001 rem* calculate data statements  *
1002 rem* "." is chr$(46)            *
1003 rem******************************
1005 ?chr$(19);:forf=0to15:?chr$(17);:nextf:forf=0to24:?chr$(29);:nextf
1006 ?chr$(18);
1010 ?"please wait";chr$(146)
1012 dim sd(505) :x=1
1020 fori=1024 to 1824 step 40
1030 forj=i to 1+23
1040 sd(x) = peek(j):x=x+1:
1050 next j:next i
2000 dim by(64):dim de(8)
2005 de(1)=128:de(2)=64:de(3)=32:de(4)=1 6:de(5)=8:de(6)=4:de(7)=2:de(8)=1
2100 x=1
2110 for i=1 to 63
2120 for j=1 to 8
2130 if sd(x)=81 then sd(x)=de(j):goto2160
2140 if sd (x)<>81 then sd(x)=0
2160 by(i)=by(i)+sd(x)
2170 x=x+1
2180 next j:next i
3000 fori=0 to 62:pokei+832,by(i+1):next
3002 ?chr$(147);
3005 ?chr$(19);:forf=0to11:?chr$(17);:nextf:?" your sprite looks"
3008 ?" like this------------->"
3010 poke 53248,220:poke53249,150
4000 :
4010 ?chr$(19);"do you want to see the data"
4020 ?"statements on the screen (s)"
4030 ?"or sent to ?er (p)?"
4040 ?"enter 's' or 'p'.":
4042 get a$:ifa$=""then4042
4050 ifa$="s"then?chr$(147):fori=1to62:?by(i)",";:next:?by(63):goto5000
4100 rem ***** ? data *****
4105 ?chr$(19);:forf=0to20:?chr$(17):nextf:?"to run program again, enter 'y'."
4110 open 1,4
4120 cmd1
4130 fori=1to62:?by(i)",";:next:?by(63)
4140 close1,4 4150
4150 ?chr$(19)
5000 ?chr$(19);:forf=0to20:?chr$(17);:nextf:?"to run program again,enter 'y'."
5010 get a$:if a$=""then 5010
5020 if a$ ="y" then clr:poke53269,0:goto 16
5030 ?"that's all":end

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  My mini Commodore
Posted by: sysop - 02-29-2024, 08:47 PM - Forum: C64 and C128 Emulation - No Replies

Who needs a Raspberry Pi when you have an EeePC?!

Today there's an entire range of Commodore 8-Bit emulator systems. But back in the early 2000s, we had to be a little more creative. For me, the ASUS EeePC 701 fit the bill perfectly.

Since 2007, my EeePC has gone through many Linux operating systems, but VICE has always been included with every install. As the years went on, I've put less demands on the little netbook and the OS requirements have been greatly reduced. It now sits as a dedicated VICE emulator system, which powers/boots up directly into VICE.

All that is installed on the EeePC now is a JeOS (Just Enough OS) version of ALT Linux p9 (sysv), with alsa (for sound), Window Maker (for a window manager), WMVolMan (for easy USB device mounting), VICE 3.4 SDL2, and XFE (for managing disk images when needed). All of this takes up less than 3GB on the EeePC's 4GB SSD hard drive.

More on this subject on my blog here...


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Video Pong Music Demo AI makes SID's
Posted by: Mr SQL - 02-28-2024, 02:48 PM - Forum: New Releases - No Replies

Pong Music Demo was released at the BCC#18 Party in Berlin last weekend!

AI generates a new SID every level.

Here is the download from CSDB:
[CSDb] - Pong Music Demo by Mr SQL (2024)

Note you have to let it run for a while to hear some of the more interesting sounds.

Some SID's may sound better on the 6581 or 8050, try both Smile

To play the demo push up to activate user mode.

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Posted by: omegamax - 02-23-2024, 08:58 PM - Forum: C64Forum Community Showcase - No Replies

Atari Jaguar 

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  My thoughts on "A Pig's Quest"
Posted by: sysop - 02-19-2024, 04:32 AM - Forum: Game Reviews - Replies (12)

I just got the chance to finally play this game for myself.  I'm not trying to be mean, but when I loaded up the game, my first reaction was "eeewwww".  It really is a total mystery to me as to why so many people have been gushing over this game.

First off, I didn't find the graphics to be all that great.  I really don't know much at all about the technical aspects of programming games on the C64.  But, after playing and enjoying more modern games, like L'Abbay Des Morts, Sydney Hunter, and Rescuing Orc, looking at Pig's Quest is really a step (or three) backwards.  I'm told that these other games use Char mode for their graphics, while PQ went with Bitmap.  Why on earth they went this way, I have no idea.  Just compare a couple of screens:

L'Abbay / Sydney Hunter / Rescuing Orc

Pig's Quest

In comparison, PQ is so muddy and chunky with such low resolution, when compared to L'Abbay.  And if I'm remembering correctly, the point of going Bitmap is because the developer didn't want to use "tiles" or something.  Yet, there are several examples that I can see that clearly show repeated patterns being used (aka "tiles").  But even so, these screens just look so, 1988.  After looking at them for a while, it finally hit me as to what PQ looked a lot like; Ghosts and Goblins:


Here's another example of the mediocre graphics.  Can you see where my character is in this shot?  It's like a game of "Where's Waldo?"  And the trees.... you can't tell me those aren't "tiled"; apart from height, they're the same tree!  Not to mention the texture of the ground.  It's the same pattern just repeated, as well.  


Graphics aside, the game runs like a dog, at least on NTSC.  It's jittery at times, and when I throw the swords (again, similar to Ghosts and Goblins) sometimes they don't appear on the screen.  So, I'm left to wonder, did I throw one or not?  And the jumping is horrendous.  I'm always falling through the edges of the platforms.  Either I fall off the end trying to make a jump, or I fall through the edge of the end of the one I'm trying to land on.  The requirements to successfully jump from platform to platform are at such a high level of accuracy, it's overly frustrating.  But the real burden to this game are those constantly respawing enemies.  These really make me lose interest in the game in short order with no desire to make any further progress.

Oh, and the music, tinny and very simple (to put it as kindly as I can). 

There are so many much better platformers out there for the C64.  I don't know why this game is so highly rated.

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  Sensitive Remake
Posted by: omegamax - 02-16-2024, 01:43 PM - Forum: C64Forum Community Showcase - Replies (3)

[Image: Screenshot-5.png]

[Image: Screenshot-4.png]

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Thumbs Up ZOOM MEETING: Jessica Petersen - Programming in TRSE - Thursday, Feb. 15, 2024 !
Posted by: Marcio D. - 02-14-2024, 01:05 AM - Forum: C64 and C128 General Discussion - Replies (1)

If you love programming or playing homebrew games, you won’t want to miss this presentation.  Jessica Petersen is a Commodore enthusiast who specializes in the use of Turbo Rascal Syntax Error (TRSE), a complete cross-platform suite for making retrocomputer games and demos.  With the Pascal programming language as its foundation, TRSE supports development for a wide range of 8-bit and 16-bit computers, focusing on the 6502, 68000, Z80, 6809, and X86 based machines.  Learn Jessica's secrets for creating C64, VIC-20, and PET software using this powerful tool.

Zoom meeting date:
Thursday, February 15, 2024 at 7:30PM ET.

Zoom details here:

See you there!

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  I review the classic 5 Pin Bowling by CDS
Posted by: sysop - 02-11-2024, 05:21 AM - Forum: Game Reviews - No Replies

Finally did my first new review for 2024, and it is on the 1984 classic from CDS (the folks from the prairie who brought us Frantic Freddie), 5 Pin Bowling!  Link to review.

As far as I know, this is the only game on the C64 that features the Canadian rules five pin bowling.  All the other bowling games I've seen are derivatives of the more commonly known ten pin bowling.

It's bowling, so it's not the most riveting of games, but it's simple and easy to pick up and play.  Best if played with a friend.  It's about the only sports video game I can play with my wife.

[Image: fetch.php?cache=&w=384&h=247&tok=08df5d&...pin-s4.jpg]

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