C64Forum notebook and day-timer
�I made one of these for myself then though, "hey, Christmas is coming.� Maybe someone else would like one."� So, I posted this on Lulu for public purchasing.� It's a day-timer notebook resembling our favorite 8-bit micro, the C64.� It's in A5 format (approx. 5"x 8"), softcover bound, with 120 double sided pages (240 in total).� I was hoping to make the book coil bound, but Lulu doesn't offer global shipping for that style of book.� But the soft cover standard bound isn't all that bad for note taking.

I went with a page layout that I've gotten accustomed to using.� It works well when using as a day-timer, but also is nice for jotting down to-do lists and note taking (see photo below).

The front cover depicts the classic C64 bread bin's keyboard, the back cover has the C64's underside, and the spine has the connection ports.� On the bottom of the back cover, I've included branding for the forum (see photos below).

If you'd like one for your own, follow this link to Lulu...� I've listed it for $1.50 above the minimum cost of printing.� If anyone decides to buy one, the extra buck-fifty will go towards hosting and maintenance costs of the forum.� But in no way am I pressuring anyone here to buy one.� The forum will go on whether or not anyone besides myself buys one.

Back / Spine / Front Cover:

Left/Right Pages:

"Artist's Conception":

I've also added a second cover to choose from.... C64 Games Cover, featuring screenshots of some excellent games from the C64's library.

Thanks for all your work! I Really Like Lulu except for the fact that you can browse the book...
(09-25-2023, 08:10 PM)BlueCursor Wrote: Thanks for all your work! I Really Like Lulu except for the fact that you can browse the book...

�My pleasure!� Just a bit of fun, on my part.

I think you meant "can't" browse the books.� I agree.� It would be really nice if you could at least see a couple pages inside, like Amazon's "Look Inside" feature.� Or, at least see both the front and back covers and a table of contents.�

My wife likes watercolor painting and I bought her a related Lulu book for a Christmas present.� I can only go by the description, so I'm hoping that it contains what I'm hoping it does.� I'll see when it arrives is a week or so.� I ordered early so at least I could do something else if this doesn't quite work out.  But it would certainly be easier if I could actually see what a few pages looked like inside.

I'm really pleased with Lulu's print quality and their pricing, otherwise.

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