Lulu's Black Friday Sale - Nov. 24
I thought I'd mention that, on Nov. 24th, Lulu's going to be having their biggest sale of the year. From what I can gather, they'll be offering 30% off printed book orders. So, if you're still looking for a Christmas gift for that retro Commodore user in your life, there's all kinds of Commodore computer books to choose from. 

I've got a couple of C64 themed notebook/day-timers on my Lulu page here:

But, there's also a lot of other retro Commodore books available to choose from.  Here's a link to "Commodore" search results:  Lulu's Commodore books

I can also confirm that Lulu does a really nice job on the books they produce.  I'm pleased with the value for money they provide and have given a few of their books as presents.  Everyone has liked them so far.
[Image: fetch.php?w=200&tok=2416dd&media=blog:c64-ebooks.jpg]
Use code: TWINKLE30 at checkout for 30% off printed books and calendars. Expires on November 28th, 2023.

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