Hamulet HAM game on a 1MB A500
Luckily not all Amiga developer focus on converting and making A2600/Spectrum monochrome games, have a look at this WIP:

An Amiga 500 action game in HAM (4096 colors) and it moves pretty slick too.
Only very few games used the HAM mode back in the day, examples are E motion and Pioneer Plague but it was never really well done.
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I don't know very much about the Amiga line, but that looks impressive to me.
So it's a bit more complicated. It's not a new game (yet) but a demo in the Hamulet engine. This is Hamulet the game, it's also in HAM and runs on an A500. Has smaller enemies. You can really tell there are a lot of colors with all the different tiles and individual rooms lighting up. Great stuff this.


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