Nesterin Trail new free release!
I've been waiting for this one for a while now, but I just got the notification today that the full release of Nesterin Trail is available for downloading!  Name your own price if you like it.  I'm looking forward to getting into this one; it's a beautifully rendered graphic text adventure game and I really enjoyed the preview I tried in the past.

Link here:


To be honest, this is what I was hoping "The Ghosts of Blackwood Manor" would have been like, a graphic text adventure, instead of just text (similar to how The Curse of Rabenstein was done).  But, there may be hope for many future graphic text adventure games like this, as Marco (Nesterin's developer) has been developing his "storytllr64" text adventure game engine for these games.  Maybe we will see more people using this game engine and give us all a break from SEUCK for a while.   Wink
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