Article My mini Commodore
Who needs a Raspberry Pi when you have an EeePC?!

Today there's an entire range of Commodore 8-Bit emulator systems. But back in the early 2000s, we had to be a little more creative. For me, the ASUS EeePC 701 fit the bill perfectly.

Since 2007, my EeePC has gone through many Linux operating systems, but VICE has always been included with every install. As the years went on, I've put less demands on the little netbook and the OS requirements have been greatly reduced. It now sits as a dedicated VICE emulator system, which powers/boots up directly into VICE.

All that is installed on the EeePC now is a JeOS (Just Enough OS) version of ALT Linux p9 (sysv), with alsa (for sound), Window Maker (for a window manager), WMVolMan (for easy USB device mounting), VICE 3.4 SDL2, and XFE (for managing disk images when needed). All of this takes up less than 3GB on the EeePC's 4GB SSD hard drive.

More on this subject on my blog here...

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