I'm still not sure whether this will turn into a full blown game yet as I'm only really messing around, but here is OutRun PETSCII.  As the name suggests, it's a PETSCII version of OutRun which is entirely ROM character based. No sprites at all and only one IRQ to run the music and main screen print routine. Even the road stripes are done as characters with the colour RAM being manipulated, instead of the usual 'raster' effects.

It has a simple course data system to render a 'track' which can also display some side objects and change the road stripe colours for different environments.

Some fake physics in corners exert 'outward forces' on the car at speed. The border colour change in the video is the collision detection kicking in and noting a collision between the car and track side objects.

Some other GFX so far...

[Image: GK08pAUWgAAsdK0?format=png&name=small]

[Image: GK08pAhXYAA_0jg?format=png&name=small]

[Image: GK08pAkWMAAMxm0?format=png&name=small]

[Image: GK08pAlXoAArZZg?format=png&name=small]
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Ha ha! That's pretty sweet!   Thumbs Up
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Nice work Andy. Change the roadstripes from Petscii to raster stripes and you already exceeded the official c64 Outrun.
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A bit more progress!

I've started doing a hill animation on the road and my roadside object display system can now handle 'transparencies' so I have nicer palm style trees as opposed to blocky ones!

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It's coming along nicely!
Some of the new roadside objects in OutRun PETSCII.  Trying to include a few objects that were actually in the original arcade game! Hopefully they're easy to identify!

[Image: GMmGF9fWoAAmZBr?format=png&name=small]
[Image: GMmGF9aW4AAK01O?format=png&name=small]
[Image: GMmGF9ZXMAAShkv?format=png&name=small]
[Image: GMmGF9wXwAA6U3L?format=png&name=small]
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