Snathcher with Vampiers
Mike and I are doing a original game,novel adventure.

[Image: test.png]

A Choose Your Own Destiny Visual Novel Game

Machine: Sega Genesis/Megadrive

Features: Music, Sound, Animation

16-bit Enhancements Planned: 16-bit Music, Sound Effects, Animation

As Tyrone, the Vampire hunter - you wake in Central Park in Neo New York city with a headache. You don’t know how you got there and your memory before the incident is foggy. All you can remember is a place called The Jaded Dragon Night Club and your occupation - a Vampire Slayer.

The year is 2093. Vampires have intergraded into human society and use night clubs as their feeding grounds. 

While the Vampire’s origins are still debatable, it all began in 2052. The need for trained vampire hunters became a reality, shortly after the existence of these creatures was proven to be legitimate. Some experts of the day argued that vampirism was an illness that rode on the back of a giant celestial rock (an asteroid) that  impacted the Earth back in 2038. Others argued that vampires always co-existed alongside mankind, but no evidence was ever found to prove this theory. In fact, the existence of vampires happened by late 2050, when a small Texas town was besieged by a large group of these cannibalistic monsters.

Vampire hunting pumps through your veins; its become a family tradition of sorts, as many of your ancestors were self-accomplished vamp hunters. Now the torch (or rather the stake) has been handed down to you. As a hunter, you must register in your hometown (in this case, Neo New York) and receive a valid hunting license. There are specific rules to hunting the NightStalkers (as they are generally called; saying Vampire feels so 20th Century). Though they are many, there is ONE rule that MUST be followed - always be sure the person you are hunting is a NightStalker. Otherwise, it becomes murder.

Are you ready to take on the phenomenon and learn who assaulted you? The decision is yours…

Our brother can show some cool art he did in here
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Hey Everyone,

This is Mike; Rick and I are working hard on this game. I realize this a C64 forum, so being a Genesis game (and posting it here) is ok.

If you have any questions, ask and Rick and I will be happy to answer.
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Welcome, Mike, to the forum. This being a "Community Showcase" thread, sure, no problem with you posting your other works here. Being a Sega Genesis owner, myself, I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with. Best of luck! Big Grin

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