Hello #RetroComputing Friends, Peeps, Tweeps, et al.

I'm nowhere new to retrocomputing, but am finally getting more involved into the online community.  I'm into all things retro (or sadly, they're being called vintage) like Commodores, Ataris, Apples, Sinclairs, etc., you know, the usual stuff.

I pretty much work within emulators right now as I only have an Ultimate 64 and a 128 working, but not much room to have everything setup.  So I keep my U64 out and available to raise my spirits, do a lot on emulation, and will work with hardware as time/space allows.

You can also find me on Mastodon if you'd like.  I have a newly created Codeberg which I'm hoping to start w/Pages and Wikis to share information (maybe some code Tongue ) and am also looking into setting up a video collection on a PeerTube instance (still searching for a decent one for retrocomputing).

Looking forward to sharing with everyone!

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Welcome to the forum; glad to have you aboard! I have a similar problem, in the sense of not having enough room to set all of my retro tech up properly. I have to sort of rotate things, if I want to use them. Right now, it's my C128 that's occupying my computer designated space.

Good luck with the webpage! Lots of potential there. Will be sure to visit every so often to check out any updates. Big Grin
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