Unknown Realm by Stirring Dragon Games
There could be tons of reasons why...
It's long ago but I remember from the thread on Lemon that they were supposedly working on a PC version which had kinda a C64 aesthetic but still more colors, you could select palettes and stuff, and it had non Sid music and the members there were kind of concerned with the C64 version since everything pointed to a PC version which wasn't finished, and then it still had to be written and crammed on a custom C64 cartridge.
Yeah, and then in their video he said they were focusing on the PC version first and foremost. Over three years ago. And he's still complaining about bytes and 6502 developers being rude to him, etc.

I mean yeah, it's all the same mystery. Nothing's changed in seven years. My apologies for necro'ing the thread, I just had to have someplace to talk about it.
On this forum you don't have to apologize for necro'ing a thread. They are all less than a year old, anyway Tongue
A small update on Stirring Dragon...

Both of their websites (stirringdragon.games and unknownrealm64.com) have been suspended. Bruce complained on Twitter/X about not having enough money for hosting costs, but this appears to be something else as both domains had a "do not renew" on them.

Either way, the irony is that if X goes behind a paywall, the only literal source of information on Unknown Realm is the Kickstarter page. The same one they've refused to update for years.
And the sites are back. I guess someone paid their domain fees.
Doesn't bring the most confidence for the project, does it.

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